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About MapBuilder

MapBuilder.net is an Web2.0 service or rapid mashup development tool to build custom Google and Yahoo maps without any knowledge of the Google/Yahoo Maps API and JavaScript. MapBuilder provides a decent visual interface for the map building process with geocoding and import features. Also MapBuilder lets users tag locations on their maps, and then publish the map either on MapBuilder.net or their own website.

As a short summary I would like to say that Map Builder is:
- a great tool for webmasters, webdevelopers, people who likes mapping at all.
- an excellent resource to get started with Google or Yahoo maps.
- a good resource to build communities around your maps or just start collaborated map development.

Main Features

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MapBuilder on the Net

MapBuilder's Blog powered by Blogger
Discussion Group for public discussion, posting question regards map implementation, map development or other MapBuilder.net related issues.
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"Google mapping out a strategy to make itself even more popular". Article by Andy Ihnatko published in CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Users Feedbacks

Pages Created Using MapBuilder.net

delicious Check Live Listing of MapBuilder's Maps @ del.icio.us.
Featured Implementations:
The Many Travels of Dan - map with AudioBlog.com integration. Sweet! (VIA)
http://www.imkblue.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.html - Edinburgh Pub Guide
http://www.deadlyroads.com/archivesjuly2005.shtml - Fatal Hit and Run Accidents
http://roybot.ml1.net/gmap.html - Roy's Map of Seattle
http://3v1l.5c13nc3.com/2005/07/25/my-e-town/ - map of places in edmonton
http://www.beckpropertycompany.com/devmap.html/ - map created by BECK Property Company, Inc., a Georgia corporation, a full service commercial real estate brokerage company
http://www.mapbuilder.net/UserMap.php?UserName=nagoyan - "udon noodle" map

Also I would like to recommend you to check users Booming Maps - the most popular maps these days.

MapBuilder.net Statistic

Number of maps: 116,905
Number of locations: 2,532,163
Average number of locations per map: 21.66